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Where legends go to dine

In the last year of the Pandavas’ exile, when they hid their identity from the world, Bhima made it his duty to prepare tasty meals for his brothers. What a fine tradition.

Indulge like a King with a tasty bites, extravagant main courses and bountiful platters to share. But first things first. Which corner will you make your kingdom? Will you settle in the forest canopy of Madawa’s Balcony, the tropical splendour of the indoor Sanctuary, the intimacy of the VIP Room, the decadence of the Wine Cellar, or the full majesty of the Main Hall?

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Wherever you choose, our attentive staff are always nearby to help you explore the menu and offer wine pairing suggestions. From local options to fine dining, Madawa offers something for all diners.


Your culinary day begins with a healthy, hearty breakfast. As lunch approaches, it’s time to peruse the fine dining menu of our Asian fusion dishes. Distinct flavours and cultures combine to create new and unique food genres. At dusk, yell in delight as our talented teppan chefs show off their skills. Downstairs, in the Intimate Club, sample eclectic tapas and seafood platters.

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