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Let the games begin

As the court watched on, King Yudhishthira Pandava gambled his elephants, horses, jewels, freedom and even his own brothers in a game of loaded dice.

However you roll, you’re winning at The Dice Bar. Sip in splendour as you experience the story of the Pandavas brothers’ fateful gambling match told through a style of traditional Balinese painting called Kamasan, and elaborate carvings.

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For centuries, Bali’s master craftsmen have passed down their traditional techniques through the generations. Their storytelling prowess comes alive in The Dice Bar’s theatrical carvings and paintings. The decor is made using only natural, locally sourced materials such as sandstone and teak wood.


The brothers’ story comes to life in a narrative-driven cocktail list that captures key moments from the brothers’ adventures. Ask our dedicated mixologists about the legendary moments that inspired each cocktail recipe. Colourful, modern touches abound, but our staff carry the torch of ancient cocktail wisdom.

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