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The grandeur of a timeless legend is brought to life…




Unwind, savour and sip as the epic adventures leap out from the pages of The Mahābhārata. During lunchtime, delicious breakfast delights become Asian-fusion delicacies. As the sun melts on the horizon, Japanese teppanyaki dishes are prepared before your mortal eyes with fire and flash. Wherever your journey takes you, or how hungry you are, every inch of Madawa is a feast for your eyes, handcrafted by an army of Balinese artisans.

Our majestic venue is also part of Taman Dharmawangsa Suites, a complex of 36 resplendent villas created for those who like to rest and retox in one heavenly location.

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DJ Asintionse  |  DJ Nonsequas

WEDNESDAY 17.08.22